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      纽约时间9月4日,据美联社等新闻媒体,美政府相关部门已经考虑到将中国内地较大 的集成ic生产商中芯(SMIC)纳入貿易信用黑名单。

      对于此事,我企业严正声明,中芯做为一家另外在香港交易所及中国内地A股发售的现代化经营的集成电路芯片制造企业,企业严格执行有关国家和地区的相关法律法规,并在这个基础上一直合理合法依规运营;且与好几个英国及国际性著名的半导体机械设备供应商,创建很多年优良的合作关系,美国财政部很多年来对于中芯進口购置的机器设备,也早已签发多份关键的出入口批准。另外,中芯自创立至今做为全世界半导体材料供应链管理上的关键组员,顾客遍布英国、欧州及中国内地等世界各国,其商品及服务项目皆用以民用型和商业,从沒有一切涉及到国防运用的运营个人行为,与中国军方无关;2017年及之前,中芯還是经美国财政部宣布认同的「最后民用型生产商」 (Validated End-User) ,并曾有多名美国财政部高官现场到中芯开展访查。因而,一切有关“中芯涉军”的报导均为不实新闻报道,大家对于此事觉得吃惊和疑惑。中芯愿为诚挚、对外开放、全透明的心态,与英国各有关政府机构交流与沟通,以解决很有可能的歧见和误会。



      今年 5月27日

      Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation Responses to Media on the U.S. Government’s Consideration to Add the Company to a Trade Blacklist

      Reuters reported Friday, September 4 (EST), citing a Defense Department official that the Trump administration is considering whether to add China’s top chipmaker SMIC to a trade blacklist.

      SMIC solemnly declares that the Company, a public company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Sci-Tech Innovation Board (STAR Market), is an international semiconductor foundry strictly complying with the laws and regulations of all jurisdictions where it performs its businesses. Since its inception, the Company has been fully compliant with all rules and laws. SMIC has maintained long-term strategic partnerships with multiple U.S.-based semiconductor equipment suppliers. Over the years, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has granted numerous export licenses for the Company. With a large and diverse customer base, serving companies in the U.S., Europe, and other Asian regions, SMIC plays an important role in the global semiconductor supply chain. The Company manufactures semiconductors and provides services solely for civilian and commercial end-users and end-uses. We have no relationship with the Chinese military. In and before 2016, SMIC had been granted Validated End-User (VEU) authorization by the BIS and the company hosted several visits from U.S. Government officials. Any assumptions of the Company’s ties with the Chinese military are untrue statements and false accusations. The Company is in complete shock and perplexity to the news. Nevertheless, SMIC is open to sincere and transparent communication with the U.S. Government agencies in hope of resolving potential misunderstandings.

      Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation




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